Adam N Bowen

Web Developer & Web Designer

Design won't save you

Design grabs your customer's attention. The problem? Most web design companies stop there. They leave the content of the site to their clients. If your design company does that, they are setting you up for failure.

Pretty graphics are nice. But without strong content, your website will die. Your site might pass that initial design test, but without meaningful content, you've wasted your money.

Everyone is a Writer

Some companies have great writers in-house. However, writing for the web is a different beast. Short attention spans mean every part of your website must work together to create a great experience.

Shouldn't your web company be assisting you every step of the way?

I spend most of my time studying the web, writing content and developing websites. I know how to make great content, and I can help your site be the best it can be. I don't wash my hands of anything in the website development process. I'm with you every step of the way.

SEO is Pretend

Web companies love to shout it from the mountaintops: We offer SEO! But what does that really mean? Search Engine Optimization sure sounds important—but it's a trap. Google doesn't rank your site based on how good your keywords are. You can have the trendiest keywords, the most appropriate description appearing in your metadata. But if your users come to a site that's boring and unusable, there's no point. They add some metadata to your website. They add title attributes, and they link endlessly. Then they send you a big fat bill. And for what? Sites get top rankings for being useful. People love them, and link to them because they were helpful, because they were interesting. The content, the functionality, the usefulness of your site can't be faked. SEO can help more people find your site, but when was the last time you visited a site and said, “Man, this site sure is Search Engined Optimized!”?

Don't let someone sell you something you don't need. Good content beats SEO anyday. You need a useful website that gets the job done. I'm your man. Just fill out that contact form over there, give me a call at (847) 644-8847, or email me. Together we can take your business in a new direction.

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